Alcohol addiction is a crippling disease that I never thought I would suffer from, being a well adjusted slightly wealthy person from a nice neighborhood. I figured I was immune, and that only poor people from wrong sides of town had those kinds of problems. I thought that since I came from a beautiful family, and waited until I was twenty-one years old to drink, that I was normal. I learned quickly that this disease doesn’t discriminate and that it can happen to anyone. Anyone that consumes alcohol can become addicted in almost no time at all.  Here is my story, and I hope everyone reading can learn from it.

How I became addicted to alcohol.

I went to a nice college in the big mountain town. We would ski and spent most of our days in the mountains. Drinking never really came up much, even though we knew guys that drank at clubs on weekends or at the lounges at the resort. When I finally turned twenty-one, we all decided to go out to the bar. It was very unpleasant.  I got sick from all the drinks and became dizzy. We started doing this every weekend, and couldn’t wait to get drunk at the bars and clubs. Eventually, we moved away from the bar scene and would just drink and host house parties. That’s when I started drinking during the week, too.  I knew I had an alcohol addiction when I began drinking in my car alone, just driving around. I got pulled over and went to jail, and the judge offered to allow me to enter rehab at a treatment center instead of jail time.

After Rehab.

I spent a few weeks in a treatment center and came back feeling much better.  I was no longer physically and mentally addicted to alcohol. I could have avoided all the time missed and money spent on court fines if I had chosen not to use alcohol. My alcohol addiction showed me that alcohol is dreadful, and if used incorrectly, can have horrible consequences on people.

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