Alcohol is a dangerous substance that should be illegal, due to the number of deathly problems with alcohol abuse. According to the national institute on drug abuse, almost half of the people killed in crashes tested positive for drugs and/or alcohol in their system. With astounding statistics on such a common activity as driving, or even being near traffic, should be enough to stop the sale of alcohol. I have a close friend we lost in a drinking and driving accident. My friend Mike was just walking home one night when a car lost control due to high rate of speed and the driver was heavily intoxicated. The speeding car slammed between Mike and a tree, that was seventy feet from the road! It killed Mike instantly, even though he had been innocently walking home on a neighborhood sidewalk. The driver was sent to prison for life, but all of this could have been avoided had the driver sought help for his drinking problem.

Recommended usage of alcohol.

I am almost positive that if people were to use alcohol as recommended, they would never have a problem.  Usually, it is best that alcoholic drinks be limited to less than three per day, and not more than once per week. Drinking in moderation is clearly the best choice. A person using alcohol should never drive or operate any sort of heavy machinery like cranes, or bulldozers. If only these guidelines were followed, so many lives would not have been wasted over the years. Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world, and the users of alcohol are helpless to even follow the easiest guidelines like limiting the number of drinks. Since the users of alcohol are unable to control themselves they require professional alcohol help.

Elimination of problems due to alcohol.

With the help of more stringent laws and intervention and use of treatment programs. I firmly believe alcohol related problems could be eliminated. The downside to my plan is that the laws will never change, because the alcoholic beverage business is responsible for a large amount of jobs and revenue internationally. Therefore, alcohol help is the only way to eliminate or reduce the deathly problems with alcohol.

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