If you are going into alcohol detox, there are a few things to consider regarding successful detox treatment. First of all, dealing with dependence on alcohol may not physically end without the proper rehab process. This is the first stage of the treatment process and is essential if an individual has become addicted to alcohol. Detox is not easy. The process can sometimes be both emotionally and physically painful.

What is the process of detox?

Alcohol detox works by expelling alcohol from the blood and liver. During this process, the body is allowed to dispose of the alcohol in the system and aids in managing withdrawal symptoms or cravings.  This elimination process involves the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph and skin. If the process is not successful and remnants of the substance remain, this may cause unwanted side-effects that could complicate or prolong the treatment process. Entering a rehabilitation program is dependent on successful detox treatment because the individual won’t be able to focus on learning and healing if they are constantly bombarded by temptations to consume alcohol.

What happens after detox?

After the alcohol detox process, mental craving for alcohol may remain, because detox only addresses the physical need.  The primary goal of treatment is to get a person off of substances and have them stay that way without relapse. There are drug and alcohol treatment centers that help alcoholics receive the care and attention they need to prepare themselves for facing the challenge of a future relapse. Depending on the needs of the individual,  short-term or long-term residential plans are available. The counseling offered at theses facilities combined with psychological therapies help an alcoholic to resist urges to drink.

This guide is meant to prepare anyone for successful detox treatment, but if you have further questions or are ready to begin your treatment program, call today and let us help you get started on overcoming the powerful addiction.

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